Bernhard Krause has been practicing as a lawyer in Vienna for almost 40 years ( He was my first and last employer, and it was in his firm that I gained a first taste of legal work and saw through several enforcement proceedings as a student; I also worked for him as an associate in the final months before I joined the bar association. Bernhard is an acknowledged specialist in the fields of media law, copyright law and general civil law.

I first met and learned to appreciate Peter Abmayer ( as an opponent. Shortly after our first “confrontation” in court, we discovered that we had gone to the same school in Vienna, and so we were immediately on first name terms. Peter’s special areas of expertise are property law, in particular property development contract law and commercial property development, administrative law, in particular commercial law, building law and revenue law as well as transport law.

Shortly afterwards I then met Stephan Schriefl ( It was immediately clear to us that we would get along splendidly and that we would complement one another extremely well in professional terms as well, just like Peter Abmayer and myself. Most of Stephan’s work is focused on the conduct of cases, general civil law and tort law.

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