About me

Dr. Stephan Hieke is a law firm based in Vienna.

For many years the main focus of our activities has been on serving companies in Austria, especially in the fields of contract law and company law.

Stephan Hieke himself has been in private practice since 2010. After reading law at the University of Vienna (Mag.iur 2003, Dr.iur 2006), he began his career by working at a number of Viennese law firms where he focused on business law.

After having passed his bar exam with flying colours, he joined Rewe International AG where he was responsible for the legal aspects of the company’s expansion into Eastern Europe in the M&A department.

After this stint in the private sector, he spent the final months of his training working with his current partner in order to hone his business skills before taking the plunge into private practice. Since joining the bar association (2010) Stephan Hieke has been engaged in private practice for Austrian and foreign clients.

Dr. Stephan Hieke is member of the disciplinary council of the bar association Vienna since march 2016.

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